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What is SimpleIPD?

SimpleIPD is a web application for paperless management of hospital admitted patients.

SimpleIPD is written in PHP and Javascript. It uses SQLite databases for storing data.

The primary motivation behind creating SimpleIPD is to transition to a paperless system with minimal disruption to the workflow. To this end, SimpleIPD closely adheres to the natural workflow in a traditional hospital.

The system is primarily designed with small hospitals in mind with tightly integrated departments.

All data is centrally hosted and is focused on fast and convenient operations while attempting to keep the complexity to a minimum.

If used in multiple hospitals, each hospital will need a separate server installation.


To install SimpleIPD, you need a webserver with PHP and SQLite support.

The app has been tested with Apache 2.4.38 running PHP 7.3.27 and SQLite 3.27.2.

The app uses client side JavaScript for convenience but it is not essential to the core functionalities.


Download the latest version of SimpleIPD from here

  1. Untar the source tarball

    tar -xvf simpleipd.tar.gz

  2. Move the extracted directory to your desired installation location. E.g.

    mv simpleipd /srv/http/

  3. CD into the app directory.

    cd /srv/http/simpleipd

  4. Copy the config.php.example file to config.php

    mv config.php.example config.php

  5. Create the databases from the schema.

    cd databases

    sqlite3 data.db<../data.schema.sql

    sqlite3 log.db<../log.schema.sql

    cd ..

  6. Create the attachments folder.

    mkdir www/data/attachments

  7. Set the www folder as the document root in the web server configuration. The precise settings will depend on the web server you are using.

  8. Create users and set access level.

    ./adduser [username] [usergroup] [department] [password]

After completing the above steps the app may be directly accessed by visiting the web address assigned in the webserver configuration.

Configuration Options

Assigned URL for the app e.g.
Timezone to be used e.g. Asia/Kolkata
The directory in which the app is installed e.g. /srv/http/simpleipd/
The document root i.e. the www directory.
The library directory of the app i.e. the lib directory.
The main database e.g. the database/data.db file.
The log database e.g. the database/log.db file.
A custom app title e.g. My SimpleIPD Installation

Access Groups

The following access groups are defined at present

For administrators
For visiting physicians
For resident clinicians
For nursing staffs
For laboratory personnel
For medical/lab technicians
For clerical use
Limited access observation account


SimpleIPD can be accessed and used from any modern browser. Hence the app is platform agnostic and can be used from desktops, tablets as well as smartphones.

However, a stable internet connection is required at all times.


Copyright © 2021-2024 Dr. Agnibho Mondal
All rights reserved

SimpleIPD is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


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