DietSurvey version 3.0

What is Diet-Survey?

Diet-Survey is a web application for calculating nutrient intake of a family based on their food consumption in last 24 hours.

Diet-Survey is written in Javascript and can be used offline.


You can use Diet-Survey by clicking here. You can save the page for offline use as well.

Alternatively you can download an android version of Diet-Survey from here


Diet-Survey calculates nutritional intake based on the food consumption of the family in the last 24 hours.

You have to enter some information about each member of the family such as name, age, gender, type of work etc. In the next step you will enter the family food consumption in last 24 hours. In this step you have to enter each food consumed by the family and its amount. Diet-Survey will calculate the nutritional intake based on the data you provided and present a detailed report on the assessment. You can view the report by simply scrolling down after entering the data.


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